corner activation

Through action research, a Trash Academy cohort of community members in South Philadelphia, assessed the corners of their blocks as the biggest problem areas due to lack of ownership. They proposed and tested street furniture made from materials in the waste street to activate two corners in South Philadelphia. The Corner Activation was an attempt to utilize the public nature of corners as an asset for addressing trash and rebuilding community.

The project sought to reinforce the public domain as a positive space for sharing knowledge and neighborhood connection. In an area where trash is one of many factors which divides people, it built awareness of the need for community involvement in the development and implementation of trash solutions.

The installation of each receptacle will be accompanied by creative and fun events (including the Trashmobile) to build awareness of the need for trash solutions and community support for cleaning up our streets, and to reinforce and expand community involvement in trash/litter.We propose installing imaginative trashcan structures for public use at two strategic corners to test how they impact the public space and the behavior of passersby. Each receptacle unit and space design will potentially include:

  • a greening beautification connection or element

  • seating capacity

  • information exchange or comment collecting capacity

  • a place for trash



10th St & Wolf St
Frida Cantina
Los Gallos

7th St & Jackson St
El Sabor Catracho